True Auction Data

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TaData's Extensible data point, strategy, and presentation framework.

Completely new. Built around Stack Data Points™, and a modern market data object model.

What Are Stack Data Points?

• self-contained automated market data participants.

• refined into highly transportable "vertical" data points.

• implement full-price-tier inflation of your strategy.

Another Look

Stack Data Points may at first seem something like an "At-Price Indicator"; and that is one good correlation.

The data point receives market data events they way an automated strategy or indicator does (a.k.a. a "'Bot"). And, TaData is providing it with a complete ecosystem: it provides all current market data up and down the full price tier, at all times. And so the data point is a first-class market data participant; and has access to the complete book, top-to-bottom.

Now, the data point can yield a value at any price (bid-side and/or ask-side on any price). It is also not compelled to do so, and can set only one or two prices.

  • The stack can free the data point from attempting to produce only the "one best price". It is able to inspect the full price tier at all times, and determine value based on the whole picture.
  • The Stack Data Point also opens up new avenues for data representation; for example, yielding performance at all prices.

The data point is free to perform in any way it chooses, utilizing the full price tier as it sees fit.

TaData then implements what we call a "Trigger".

The Trigger is provided with the Stack Data Point, and it is able to react in its own way, inspecting the full price tier dynamically before making decisions.

All of the data point's data is available to triggers and other data points and services. Strategies can trigger from the data point, and TaData allows you to correlate and inspect other data points.

This IS the Data Point:

For Automation

From a pure data perspective, the stack data point can allow your strategy to re-think its approach, with benefits. If the data point's approach is to output all performance at any price, and leave the decision to select the prices of interest to a Trigger, then that is a win.

With this approach, no data is lost, and options are left open: your Trigger is free to take the single best price, or, it can re-think based on any current conditions, and can inspect any of the data point's other prices; to be more informed and dynamic.

For example, if a data point yields two prices of interest, or, only a small difference between the "best" price and the "next-best"; then since a trigger will be provided with all prices, it is able to react on its' own dynamically. The trigger could query other services, or current market status, and possibly swap the best decision. And at the same time, the data point itself does not need to swap any values, and this decision can change dynamically.

For Display

If the data point is geared for display purposes, then the stack display is a clear improvement over a simpler indicator, because it allows the trader to inspect the whole price tier at all times.

Stack Data Points are also not limited in the data that they can produce at each price.

Each custom data point can freely define its own data type with no restriction.

Stack Data Points can yield a complete model of the market in each custom data point's terms.

It enables thinking about the state of the market from each data point's perspective, top-to-bottom.

TaData is an extensible container where your data points interact.

TaData implements a lean, yet extremely extensible container and "ecosystem" for the Stack Data Points.

Our approach is modern, is built on the very latest managed platforms, that are the most prevalent and widely implemented; and follows evolved leading development practices.

    • Sub-microsecond market data engine.
    • Modern market data object model provides a very complete book at all times — Data Points can access all current market data up and down the full price tier.
    • Data Point Triggers.
    • Flexible display engine provides open customization.
    • Fully extensible platform, down to the market data object model.
    • "SOLID" fully in-house development has no external dependencies.

— All Extension Points —

— All TaData —

Custom Stack Data Points are not hard to develop; and in fact, development is speedy and agile!

Data points are first-class objects with complete abilities to combine, correlate, and identify other data points in the environment; and they implement full object-oriented abilities, including Triggers, "Math", Conditions, and more.

The Market Data Object Model

The market data object model can also greatly reduce development time, and add agility and adaptation. TaData provides data points with the complete "book" to inspect on every market data update. E.G.:

    • All outstanding quote depths, both Bid and Ask — on all prices up and down the price tier.
    • All trades in sequence on all bids and offers.
      • TaData's trades also always provide both sides of the transaction: all quote-side trades as well as the aggressor.
    • Always-updated Level-2 approximate queues.
    • Dozens of core properties on every bid and offer on every price.
    • TaData also includes a model to track activity driven around "open and closed" whole bids and offers. The data point participates in a wider ecosystem with many resources.

The model itself is also an extension point.

TaData allows custom implementations to provide an arbitrary fully custom data ecosystem to the data points.

For example, a custom developer can build a data set provided by a custom data provider.

In fact, TaData's architecture is so lean that complete custom containers can be spawned arbitrarily, with low resource usage, and tap into any desired data set.


TaData also implements a platform-agnostic high-speed presentation platform. Presentation data sources, and presenters are also an extension point: presentation can be fully custom implemented.

On The DOM

On The Chart

Our fully in-house development leverages newest-generation managed technology, providing the highest speed, leanest resources, future-proofing, platform agnostics, and massively-scalable deployments. It also brings agility to our platform's development.

TaData's implementation is "Domain Driven" all the way down, providing a very high value data model.

About True Auction Data

True Auction Data is a small, agile software company. We have a focussed product. Our platform is engineered from patented technologies. Our implementation is extremely "DRY", with no external dependencies, short sensible code paths, and a decoupled architecture that weaves metal through many architectural layers that is not costly in hardware resources. We are built on 100% .Net Core; which means we are cross platform, scalable, and modern.

Seeking Investors, and Early Adopters

True Auction Data's platform is powering Auction Dashboard's latest release for NinjaTrader® 8: our platform can be seen powering an implementation there.

Auction Dashboard is a testament to the extensibility and feature ability in the platform.

True Auction Data is seeking investors eager to rapidly release highly impacting brand new technologies and industry firsts. Early adopters can get new technologies ahead of the competition and gain an advantage. Please contact us with interest.